Opel: «The movement to life»

Adam Opel AG is German automobile producer, which is an important component of the concern General Motors. The headquarter is located in Rüsselsheim (Germany). Nowadays its best-selling models are Opel Astra, Opel Corsa, etc. This company is very old, it was started in January 1863 and began producing autos in 1899. 1862 on January 21 A. Opel opened a factory for the production of sewing machines; in 1886 started production of the bicycles.

Interesting that current emblem of Car Opel –lightning - appeared at first at trucks of its company Opel Blitz. Passenger cars from Opel in the late 20's early 30’s were supplied by the emblem which had silhouette of the eye stylized lettering Opel placed in ellipse. After the Nazis party came to their power, with the aim of showing the excellence of technologies in Germany engineering, Opel autos were provided with another logo in the form of a stylized dirigible flying through letter "O". This sign in a little bit modified form was on radiators and bonnets of autos of Opel until 1964, when it was decided to make all logos for this brand in the form of lightning in the ring.

The German car company Opel is committed to making achievements of high technologies available for many people. Opel's motto is «The movement to life». These cars are multifunctional and easy to use, have high quality, they are safe and reliable to use on different roads.